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.Avery Blog    James Avery
.NET and everything nice   
A blog by E.W.    E. W. Bachtal
Pretty neat stuff here…   
A Continuous Learner's Weblog    Steve Pietrek
Steve's continuous learning of (a lot of stuff)   
Ajax.NET Blog    Michael Schwarz
Free AJAX library for the Microsoft .NET Framework   
Charlie Calvert's Community Blog    Charlie Calvert
Community Program Manager for Microsoft's C# group   
Coding Horror    Jeff Atwood
.NET and human factors   
Computer Zen    Scott Hanselman
Computer Zen   
David Hayden's Blog    David Hayden
.Net stuff.   
DenisBauer.com    Denis Bauer
.NET Development   
Dmitryrs Blog    Dmitry Robsman
Development Manager for ASP.NET and IIS   
Erik Porter's Blog    Eric Porter
Life and Development at Microsoft and Other Technology Discussions   
eWorld.UI - Matt Hawley    Matt Hawley
ME PRGM 4 U   
Geek Noise    Peter Provost
Rants, rambles, news and notes from Peter Provost   
IBENRUSH    Ben Rush
Explore. Discover. Understand. Apply.   
Iserializable    Roy Osherove
Roy Osherove's persistent thoughts about cool tools, Agile Development and .Net   
Jason Haley's Blog    Jason Haley
Ramblings of a .Net Developer - .ver 2:0:0:0   
Jay Kimble -- The Dev Theologian    Jay Kimble
Philosophizing about the .Net religion   
Jeffrey Palermo    Jeffrey Palermo
C#, .Net, ASP.NET, and more   
John Papa    John Papa
.NET Code Samples, Data Access, Patterns and Other Musings   
JonGalloway.ToString()    Jon Galloway
Hello, please hold a moment for the Master Control Program   
Larkware    Mike Gunderloy
We get up early so you don't have to.   
Link Lists    Christopher Steen
Learning .Net   
Loosely Coupled    Tim Marman
Tim Marman's Weblog - A random collection of thoughts   
MSDN Blogs    MSDN
Various Microsoft Developer Blogs   
Nauman Leghari's Blog    Nauman Leghari
Blog about technology, media and other interesting tidbits   
nikhilk.net    Nikhil Kothari
On this page you'll find the most recent posts on ASP.NET, photography, and other random thoughts and opinions.   
Ode to Code    K. Scott Allen
Powertoys WebLog   
Enhancing Developer Productivity One Tool at a Time   
Rahul Soni's Weblog    Rahul Soni
ASP.NET, IIS, VB.NET, C# and everything that fancies my mind!   
Raj Kaimal    Raj Kaimal
Experiments in DotNet   
Raymond Lewallen    Raymond Lewallen
Patterns and Practices, OOP, .Net and Sql   
Rob Conery Ramblings    Rob Conery
DoSomethingGroovy < CatchPhrase >   
Rockford Lhotka    Rockford Lhotka
Rocky's Blog   
Sam Gentile's Blog    Sam Gentile
.NET and Software Development from an experienced perspective - INETA Speaker, Microsoft MVP .NET/C# - .NET/CLR, Rotor, Interop, MC+/C++, COM+, ES, Longhorn, Mac OS X, Extreme Programming and More!   
Sara Ford's WebLog    Sara Ford
Code Coverage-Driven Testing: Making Every Line of Code Feel Dirty and Used... The blog of a former accessibility tester…   
Scott Galloway's Personal Blog    Scott Galloway
Scott Gu's Blog    Scott Guthrie
Scott Guthrie's Blog   
Scott on Writing    Scott Mitchell
Musings on technical writing...   
SQL Programmability & API Development Team Blog    Microsoft Team Blog
This blog is by Microsoft's SQL Programmability & API dev team   
SQLTeam.com Weblogs    SQL Team Blog
Neat resource for Microsoft SQL stuff   
The Road to Know Where    Blake Handler
Quick nuggets of technical information in an easy to understand format.   
Varad, The .NET Guy!    Varadarajan Sampath
Exploring the excitement of Microsoft .NET and much more..   
Weblogs @ ASP.NET   
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