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About this Application!  XML Source: http://www.jangle.net/xml_rss.xml  

Interested in the latest news from web sources you trust? Links to the latest stories from sites like Reuters Health eLine, Motley Fool, and Tomalak's Realm are here!

You can also quickly navigate to breaking news from (among others) the AP, BBC, MSNBC, Reuters and The Washington Post via NewsBlip or CBS News (via News Is Free).

Just select a news source from the box above and click GO! Or read more below about this exciting technology.

Simply put, this is an application that intelligently parses (or reads) certain XML document types. In this case, the application can read XML document types that conform to RSS (RDF Site Summary) .90 or .91 specs or the varient scriptingNews formats up through version 2.0b1. (Many thanks to David Carter-Tod for sharing the ASP code for scriptingNews.)

All the XML files live on remote servers (except this one). Many are updated throughout the day by their owners. All are downloaded on demand using the Microsoft Internet Explorer XMLDOM via an ASP script running on a Microsoft-IIS/5.0 Server.

Upon making a choice from the select box above and clicking the GO button, the corrosponding XML file is loaded and parsed by the jangle.net server and displayed with standard HTML. That's neat because most any browser can display the output.

The resulting web page lives at the jangle.net site, but the XML data is syndicated from various remote server locations. The actual XML file suffix may be .xml, .rdf, .cfm or may be generated from a remote server-side script.

Please note that I do NOT control the content of any of the syndicated XML files (except for this one: the one you are reading now.)

If you know of a channel you'd like to see here please let me know. I might even be happy to share the source code with you, if you send me a line!

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