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You are commissioned to Trinidad. You leave Cincinnati Wedns. and alone.
Rosa Maria Segale was born in 1850 in rural Italy. At age four, she and her family moved to Cincinnati, where as a teenager at a school run by the Sisters of Charity, she decided she would join them. As Sister Blandina, her sights were set on the west. She was sent to a small town in Colorado Territory and she spent two decades in the region, tending to the ill, educating the poor, building schools and hospitals, speaking up for the rights of Hispanics and displaced Indians, facing down known bandits including one* Billy the Kid (PDF) and saving at least one man from hanging, as depicted in "The Fastest Nun in the West," a 1966 episode of Death Valley Days.

She documented her life in her journal and a collection of letters, which begins with a letter from Segale's Mother Superior: "My dear child, you are commissioned to Trinidad. You will leave Cincinnati Wednesday and alone." Her diary and letters were originally published in 1932 (and since republished a number of times) as At the End of the Santa Fe Trail (Google Books preview, Amazon with preview, Good Reads), which is being used to create a semi-fictional television series.

* One of her more storied tales is her interactions with Billy the Kid, but two Billy the Kids roaming the high desert in 1877: William Bonney, the famous Billy, who did much of his outlawing in southern New Mexico and eastern Arizona, and William LeRoy (an alias of Arthur Pond)—the not-so-famous Billy—who terrorized northern New Mexico. It seems she interacted with the second, but later confused him with the first, which others have also done, even during and soon after their lives, as noted in an article titled "Building His Own Legacy: Billy the Kid and the Media" in the Spring 2007 issue (link to 14 MB PDF) of New Mexico Historical Review.

The intrepid Sister Blandina returned to Ohio in 1893, where she and Sister Justina Segale went "to see if they could do anything for the poor Italian [immigrants]" in the inner city of Cincinnati. With only five dollars in their pocket, these two sisters founded and managed Santa Maria Institute (now Santa Maria Community Services), the first Catholic settlement house in the United States in 1897. In 1900, she returned to Albuquerque for two years to help start St. Joseph Hospital, known today as CHI St. Joseph's Children, who are currently supporting her Sainthood Cause.

Eurovision 2017: harmony, unity, diversity, international conflict
With less than two months until 2017s most important cultural and voting event, another major problem has occurred. Against staff resignations, a possible ineligible entry and a hostile backdrop, the Russian selection, Julia Samoylova, has been barred from traveling to the event host due to entering the Crimea from Russia, a decision which may not be surprising. The Russian Foreign Minister is apparently outraged, and the EBU is trying to broker a settlement. Across the bookmakers, Italy is currently the clear favorite to win, with Bulgaria, Sweden and Belgium also receiving much betting, with strong showings from ex-Yugoslav countries and some commentators thinking this could be Australia's year in Europe.

But "MMMBop" might motivate them to walk into the light ...
New York Presbyterian provides a Spotify playlist of 100 songs to do CPR to, including the eponom-appropriate "I Will Survive". Obligatory "Office" link.

Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel
Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel. ‘Five years ago, China’s most charismatic politician was toppled from power. His disgrace allowed his great rival to dominate the political stage in a way unseen in China since the days of Chairman Mao. All this was made possible by a murder. And the story of that murder begins not in China but in a British seaside town.’ A BBC News magazine article by Carrie Gracie (also available in podcast form). Previously: i, ii, iii.

Walking in the Danchi
Walking in the Danchi - a photo-blog of concrete Danchi style buildings in Japan. [via]

RIP Chuck Barris, dead at 87. NYT obit. Forever associated with The Gong Show, he not only created The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game, but he was also a songwriter who wrote game show themes and the hit "Palisades Park" for Freddy Cannon. And perhaps he's a CIA assassin as well? He wrote the "autobiography" Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, later made into a film with George Clooney and Drew Barrymore.

Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware - A dive into the thriving black market of John Deere tractor hacking.

How is babby formed?
Yahoo's defining moment had nothing to do with its accomplishments. When we look back on Yahoo knowing what we do today, it's clear that Yahoo's true self was revealed in a single, stark meme. I'm talking, of course, of the infamous Yahoo Answers query "how is babby formed?"

There was no putting the jelly back in the jar.
The NBA's Secret Addiction

Tigers are the teetotalers of the cat family.
With 100 different cats, he rubbed the plant matter on a sock or a square of carpet, and set the material in the cats' line of sight. Then he waited. Catnip Ain't the Only Plant That'll Send Your Kitty to Blissville


Give me absolute control over every living soul
How a Christian movement is growing rapidly in the midst of religious decline A Christian movement led by popular independent religious entrepreneurs, often referred to as 'apostles,' is changing the religious landscape of America.

A very impressive likeness
A dad turns his six-year-old son's drawings into reality. They're also on Instagram.

He would later bribe a French morgue attendant to slice off a bit
An early 20th-century journalist and travel writer, William Buehler Seabrook was once among the most successful wordsmiths of his day. He joined camel raids in Arabia, attended voodoo rites in Haiti, and supped with cannibal kings in Africa. Along the way, he became friendly with Aleister Crowley, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, and many of the other most notorious figures of his era.

Sorgmæddi beinirinn - "Stave for fast Wifi"
"Take your router and carve this stave onto it using the tip of a narwhal tusk. Place the router in a bucket and fill the bucket with Brennivín. Leave the router soaking in the bucket for twenty four hours. Your Wifi will always be super-fast and your house will smell of caraway."

Icelandic Magic For Modern Living takes traditional medieval magic and updates it for the 21st century. Historical documents such as the Huld manuscript, the Galdrabók and various eddas provide much of what we know of the staves, rituals and bindrunes. They range from sigils to determine the provenance of butter, to the stave for creating money-making necropants.

While there are people creating new staves and bindrunes (not to mention people getting them tattooed all over the place), Justin Foster maintains a meticulously researched and fascinating webpage on the subject.

What annoyances are more painful than those of which we cannot complain?
The Most Unsatisfying Video In The World Ever Made [soothing music, oddly] (unsatisfying video previously). Cleanse your emotional palate with this Previously Satisfying Video.

Rebecca Loops
Watch a nerdy girl with a Dad Joke personality do Biggie Smalls with just her voice and iPad. All of Rebecca's videos.

"boring ollie north down in the subway dealing drugs and guns"
30 Years Ago: A Look Back at 1987 "Three decades ago, the long-fought Iran-Iraq war had reached a deadly stalemate, the stock markets took a huge hit on Black Monday in October, American politicians were gearing up for the 1988 presidential race, Baby Jessica was rescued from a well, broadcast live on CNN, and much more. Photographers were also busy documenting the lives of Pee-wee Herman, Menudo, Mikhail Gorbachev, Howard Stern, Princess Diana, Donald Trump, Bernie Goetz, and many others. Take a step into a visual time capsule now, for a brief look at the year 1987." (Alan Taylor, The Atlantic)

it might just be the penguin idols

I wasn't even paying enough attention to the announcements or the upcoming anime charts to know that what would become the Japanese anime fandom's biggest anime of Winter 2017—a moe animal girls show based off of a defunct mobile game rendered in exceedingly poor CG—even existed. But here we are.
Trying to explain the weird charm of Kemono Friends.

There's a weird undertone to the show that leads to fan engagement and speculation:
it's easy to think of the show as a Dora the Explorer thing — except it aired as a late night anime. The more you watch the show too, the more you realize the Japanese fanbase might be onto something. There seems to be a cynical, dark past to Japari Park amidst all this cute girls doing cute things crap.
As one Japanese viral tweet put it, the first episode is nothing special, but you're hooked by the third.

There is of course a fan wiki.

The Glass Bank
Those with a penchant for 1960's futuristic designs would find a lot to like in the building at 505 North Orlando Avenue. It's swooping glass walls on all four sides gave it a unique profile that seemed thematically linked to nearby Cape Canaveral. Yet this result of the Cocoa Beach development boom would lead a very strange existence for the next fifty years involving unfortunate elevator designs, the savings and loan crisis, hurricanes and a climactic suicide. Welcome to the Glass Bank.

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