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...and introducing ______ _____ as Joe Bang!!
Steven Soderbergh's back from 'retirement' with Lucky Logan (slyt)

Progress is painfully uneven
Baltimore, 15 years after The Wire

The Observer visits Baltimore 15 years after The Wire ended and finds that the issues raised by the show haven't really gone away.

Photos of locations used in the show as they are today.

Education crisis in Oklahoma
"Of 513 school districts in Oklahoma, 96 have lopped Fridays or Mondays off their schedules nearly triple the number in 2015 and four times as many as in 2013. An additional 44 are considering cutting instructional days by moving to a four-day week in the fall or by shortening the school year." The 2018 state budget, which was sent to Governor Fallin this week, cuts $34 million from education. Here is Oklahoma's study: Analysis of Expenditures of Districts on a Four-Day School Week (PDF)

Australians behaving badly in Japan (Tokugawa-era)
Fresh translations of samurai accounts of the arrival of a "barbarian" ship near the Japanese town of Mugi have confirmed the legend of an Australian convict pirate ship visiting Japan in 1830.

The ship, the Cyprus, was hijacked by convicts on a journey from Hobart to Macquarie Harbour in 1829. The crew, led by one William Swallows, arrived in Japan in January 1830, driven there by a desperate need for water and supplies. A samurai, Hamaguchi Makita, was sent to investigate; he reported "an unbearable stench" around the ship, which was crewed by sailors with "long pointed noses" and balding heads whose speech sounded to him like "birds twittering". The skipper wore a scarlet woollen coat with golden embroidery and silver buttons and possibly a bird-shaped emblem on a sleeve. Another sailor's chest bore a tattoo of "the upper body of a beautiful woman", and there was a dog on the ship that "did not look like food. It looked like a pet". Hamaguchi and another samurai, Hirota, also produced watercolours of the ship and its crew.

The ship was soon forced to leave after regional authorities, noticing the Union Jack in paintings of it, ordered samurai to open fire on it; Japan had an isolationist policy at the time. It was later captured and the crew were tried, with two being the last men hanged for piracy in Britain. The crew's claims to have visited Japan were dismissed as fantasy, though lived on in Australian folk tales and ballads.

Read something
Need something to read on a Sunday? The story of Codes and Codebreakers in World War I is an interesting little chapter which is still less-known than the famous codebreaking effort of WWII. Maybe you're intrigued and want to read the whole online book, Codes, Ciphers and Codebreaking, or, if codes aren't your thing, maybe A History of the Telescope or Missions to the Planets or Elementary Chemistry or any of the other on Greg Goebel's Vectors site - dedicated to educational writings on science, technology, and history.

AlphaGo's farewell?
Lessons from AlphaGo: Storytelling, bias and program management "Over the past few days, AlphaGo has taken the world by storm once again. Over a week in Wuzhen, it beat the worlds' best player Ke Jie three times, a team of players from China, and finally lost a game (unavoidable, since it played against itself in a human pair-go match) ... In fact, the most interesting reveal happened only after the match, and that is when DeepMind released the first set of self-play games where AlphaGo played itself (similar to how it is trained in order to improved the AI). Those games were surprisingly non-human, so much so that it is not clear at a glance if the average human go player can learn anything from them. "

Medieval fantasy city generator
This application generates a random medieval city layout of a requested size. The generation method is rather arbitrary, the goal is to produce a nice looking map, not an accurate model of a city.

Meet Doormouse
Doormouse is a recent graduate of Kitten School, and the star of a series on how to tame a scared or feral kitten.

Part 1: Take Precautions.
Part 2: Building Trust.
Part 3: Hold and Release.
Part 4: From Panicked to Purring.
Part 5: Playtime!
Part 6: Hiding Kitten Problems.
Part 7: Happy Ending.

What book of the Bible is that from?
Dovahkin Damacy. Nick and Griffin explore Skyrim mods. The last ten minutes are genuinely, surprisingly, transcendant.

"Stephen Harper with a smile" wins Canadian Conservative leadership race
Earlier tonight, the Conservative Party of Canada brought its long leadership race (previously) to a close with the election of Andrew Scheer. Scheer is a social conservative who got his biggest boost of the night from supporters of anti-abortion candidates Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux, though Scheer, like Harper, appears to be uninterested in re-opening that debate.

The win was close: 51% to 49% on the last round of ranked-ballot counting over libertarian (and "Albertan from Quebec") Maxime Bernier. Presumably, Bernier's plans to eliminate agricultural supply management and get the federal government out of healthcare are out; a return to Harper's targeted tax breaks are in. A carbon tax, supported only by candidate Michael Chong, is definitely out.

Conservative fundraising did very well (warning: autoplay) during the leadership campaign.

Later this year, Canada's left-wing New Democratic Party will also choose a new leader.

Everyone needs to snug
22 Hilarious and Wonderful Animal Memes
Dogs Bending Human Rules
Dogs Who Are Afraid of the Most Ridiculous Things
Dogs Dogs Dogs

Bird's eye view
Dronestagram is like Instagram for -- you guessed it -- international drone photography and videos.

I need a helicopter
We're Poly Now , a music video by Chris Fleming.

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