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Hi, folks. Long time no see.

Still here, for now
Yes, I'm continuing with seattlepi.com as it spins off into a standalone online news operation after the demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Secrets of navel lint
An Austrian scientist has "solved" the mystery of how belly button lint is generated, The Telegraph reports.

Newspaper industry woes not a global crisis
From the International Newsmedia Marketing Association, a fascinating contrarian take on how the doomsaying about the imminent demise of the newspaper is, to a significant degree, a uniquely American problem. Newspapers elsewhere, which have different business models and competitive environments, are actually doing quite well.

The war against mutton methane
Down in New Zealand, researchers are engaged in "one of the most sophisticated efforts in livestock stomach research," according to The Wall Street Journal. Their goal: to keep sheep from belching.

Road map for financial reboot
From Wired magazine, we have a very interesting manifesto arguing for radical transparency as a road map for financial recovery. Writer Daniel Roth's argument is fairly intricate, but the basics can be summed up in three bullet points:

The Twittering classes now include Congress
Yes, social media transparency and unrestrained sharing can be taken too far. Witness this rather dispiriting account of the tweets sent by members of Congress while President Obama was addressing them about the economy on Tuesday.

Paper still profitable
Here's an interesting fact that I don't see mentioned very often: Most newspapers are actually still profitable, despite the industry's overall financial straits.

Small chance for micropayments
Some ideas, no matter how thoroughly discredited, just keep popping up again.

Get rich through blogging? Nah
Dan Lyons, who once pulled off the nifty trick of becoming famous as the anonymous author of the satirical Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, explains how he came to conclude that you can't get rich through blogging.

Why subscription music lives
Why does the music industry keep pushing subscription music services? Universal Music Group executive David Ring offered an explanation at a conference this week, reports CNet News.com's Greg Sandoval:

Overdependence on Twitter
Dave Rosenberg offers this concise recap of the problem:

The pariahs of Wall Street
In case you wondered, The New York Times confirms that investment bankers have become social pariahs since Wall Street more or less collapsed last fall.

Geek of the Week in a ball gown
Our Geek of the Week is Sarah Schacht, who described herself as "executive director, founder, random-task-doer" of Knowledge As Power.

The Associated Press published an interesting story last weekend about swatting, a new kind of fraud in which pranksters try to trick authorities into sending an emergency response team. Swatting exploits a weakness in how the current 911 system handles calls originating over the Internet.

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